Blood Like Rain

A Big Island Mystery

“Tucher does an excellent job of combining the gritty and procedural elements of a detective story with the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands …”
Kirkus Reviews

The Same Mistake Twice

A Diana Andrews Mystery

“…[A] new mine of crime inspiration to be explored and enjoyed.”
—Amazon Review

Tucher does an excellent job of combining the gritty and procedural elements of a detective story with the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.
Kirkus Reviews on Blood Like Rain

A lean, mean confluence of complicated women and the seedier side of paradise.
—Kristen Lepionka, Shamus Award-winning author on The Honorary Jersey Girl
… Al Tucher ups his game. His eye for detail, sense of pacing, and gifts for characterization and setting make spending time in the rain forest of Hawaii a delight.
—Patricia Abbott, Edgar, Macavity, and Anthony-nominated author on The Hollow Vessel

[Tucher] bull rushes his work to the next level by balancing a lush setting with a deftly handled plot, all the while maintaining the humanity of his characters.
—Todd Robinson, author of The Hard Bounce on The Place of Refuge

About Albert

Albert Tucher has been a librarian, operatic tenor, lifeguard, dishwasher, airline groundling, and labor organizer, perhaps making it inevitable that he would embark on the one career in which no experience is wasted—writer.

In the summer of 2000 he walked into a fiction writing class at the local county college with an idea about a historical novel set in early medieval Rome. It hadn’t yet occurred to him to write what he liked to read—noir crime fiction.

Challenged to write an action story, he came up with a suburban sex worker in a jam. Her name came to him immediately—Diana Andrews. Twenty-plus years, more than a hundred published short stories, a novella, and five unpublished novels later, he is still writing about the character. He has interviewed women in Diana’s business and confirmed what he suspected from the start—the deception and self-deception on both sides of the prostitution transaction are as noir as it gets.

In 2017 Albert Tucher spun off characters from Diana’s world into a second series set on his favorite place in the world, the Big Island of Hawaii. But this is not the Hawaii of the tourist brochures. Sparsely populated and lightly policed, the rainforest is home to marijuana farmers, meth cookers, fugitives, survivalists, and counter-culture holdovers. And the goddess Pele could decide at any moment to obliterate it all with a volcanic eruption.

The setting is a natural for noir.

Albert Tucher lives in New Jersey, and he loves NJ Turnpike jokes.


Blood Like Rain

A Big Island Mystery

Detective Errol Coutinho of the Hawaii County Police faces the most difficult case of his career, when his wife’s best friend is murdered.

Eleanor Swieczak’s current boyfriend is a man without a past, but Eleanor’s own history turns up other suspects, and someone is trying to put Coutinho among them.

And what do a legendary marijuana dealer, a rightwing militia, and the coldest murder case in Hawaii history have to do with the case?

Must blood fall like rain before Coutinho finds out?


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