“Tucher does an excellent job of combining the gritty and procedural elements of a detective story with the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands …”
Kirkus Reviews on Blood Like Rain

“A lean, mean confluence of complicated women and the seedier side of paradise.”
—Kristen Lepionka, Shamus Award-winning author of the Roxane Weary mystery series on The Honorary Jersey Girl

“Diana is a ‘realist’, as the book describes, and her profession is a result of her wanting money and the knowledge that prostitution is an easy way of getting it. The intricate relationship between her and Detective Tillotson is what makes this book appealing. Usually prostitutes are glorified in pornographic detail or derided as dirty. Here they are seen as a natural part of life and Diana’s interactions with the Detective show a side to solving crimes which is rarely dramatized.”
—LAS Reviewer, Amazon review on The Same Mistake Twice

“In his second outing with Detective Errol Coutinho of the Hawaii County Police, Al Tucher ups his game. His eye for detail, sense of pacing, and gifts for characterization and setting make spending time in the rain forest of Hawaii a delight.”
—Patricia Abbott, Edgar, Macavity, and Anthony-nominated author of Shot in Detroit, Concrete Angel, and I Bring Sorrow on The Hollow Vessel

“[W]ith The Place of Refuge [Albert Tucher] bull rushes his work to the next level by balancing a lush setting with a deftly handled plot, all the while maintaining the humanity of his characters.”
—Todd Robinson, author of The Hard Bounce and Rough Trade on The Place of Refuge

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